Allison Hook & Ladder #2 | 315 S. 14th St. | Harrisburg, PA 17104

Pump Primers In the Rear view Mirror

Thanks to the Brothers, Sisters and family members who made the 2023 PA Pump Primers Muster a success.

Photo Credit Keith Kemery

What a great weekend! The Allison had a big crowd starting at noon on Friday and the crowd kept on building with the arrival of the Kiltie Pipe Band of York and the restaurant row run Friday night.
Saturday brought clear weather. There were over 100 rigs in the parade with at least 20 engines pumping all day. The Allison was packed after the muster with the hit of the evening the new Allison T-shirt from the T-Shirt of the Month Club. Some shirts are still available at $20 each.
The Allison thanks the members of the PA Pump Primers and congratulates the club for another excellent muster.
Brother Stan Jaworski (Jaws) from DCFD supplied some excellent photos throughout the entire weekend check them out