Allison Hook & Ladder #2 | 315 S. 14th St. | Harrisburg, PA 17104

Historical Preservation Officials Tour Iconic Allison Fire House

Officials from Preservation Pennsylvania, Historic Harrisburg Association, PA State Historic Preservation Office, and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission toured the Allison Fire House in Harrisburg to view the company’s restoration efforts and to meet with officers and members. There was also a discussion about future cooperation between the Allison and the various agencies in the Commonwealth that support and encourage preservation of structures tied to the rich history of Pennsylvania’s Capital City.

Vice President Jason Lloyd narrated a tour of the facility. The group then met with President Barry Buskey and other members to discuss fire protection, fire safety education and community engagement.

As part of the Mt Pleasant National Historic District, the Allison is already considered part of the National Historic District that was added to the National Registry in 1988.

The visit was organized by Julia Chain, Program Director of Preservation Pennsylvania. Also attending were Bryan Van Sweden of the State Historic Preservation Office PA Historic and Museum Commission  David J. Morrison Executive Director of the Historic Harrisburg Association  David Maher of the PA State Historic Preservation Office, Frank Grumbine, Historic Preservation Specialist and Archivist City of Harrisburg, and Melonie Babich, Development and Advocacy Assistant at Preservation Pennsylvania

The visitors were pleased to learn that the Allison Hook & Ladder Company No 2 is back in service with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire. Members provided briefings on efforts to engage the public to improve fire safety. A suggestion from the visitors to consider an Allison community advisory board will be taken under advisement at the next Allison Company meeting in September. As they left the building several of the officials expressed the opinion, “You are doing the right thing here. Keep it up”.