Allison Hook & Ladder #2 | 315 S. 14th St. | Harrisburg, PA 17104

Allison Establishes a Community Advisory Board

Allison membership unanimously approved the establishment of the Allison Hook & Ladder Company No. 2 Community Advisory Board at the September 2019 Regular Company Meeting.

The Board who will be appointed by President Barry Buskey, will advise the Company on matters such as community relations, historical preservation ideas, potential grant applications from public and private sources, fund raising activities and other matters that will serve to enhance the Allison brand and the already positive image the company enjoys.

The idea for the establishing the Community Advisory Board came from a recent meeting with historic preservation officials from Harrisburg and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. David Morrison of the Harrisburg Historical Society suggested a board might further integrate the Allison into the greater Harrisburg civic and business community.

Potential membership is projected to include community leaders and clergy, business persons, the Harrisburg Fire Chief, historical preservation officials, educators, charitable fund raisers, citizens who have demonstrated support for the fire department, and others who have expressed interest in supporting the Allison.

The Board will meet at the call of President Buskey. Members will also be invited to assist the Company at community events and fund raisers.