Allison Hook & Ladder #2 | 315 S. 14th St. | Harrisburg, PA 17104

Allison Elects Officers for 2020

The members of the Allison voted for our Administration and Fire Line Officers for the coming year. Barry Buskey was again elected President. Don Moorhead was reelected Captain. Allison elects its officers in December for the coming year. Once elected, members assume their elected positions immediately.  Newly elected are Tyler Lloyd  2nd Lieutenant and John Peskie Trustee for a 3 year term. Delegates to the Harrisburg Firemen’s Relief  are Barry Buskey, Eric Carter and Chris Dieter.

President: Barry Buskey
1st Vice President: Jason Lloyd 2nd Vice President: Steve Austin
Secretary: Nicholas Lindsay
Treasurer: Zachary Miller
1 Year Trustee: Eric Carter 2 Year Trustee: Will Skinner 3 Year Trustee: John Peskie
Captain: Don Moorhead
1st Lieutenant: Nate Martin 2nd Lieutenant: Tyler Lloyd
Allison Relief Delegates
1 Year Barry Buskey, 2 Year Chris Dieter, 3 Year Eric Carter

The complete list of Allison Officers may be found in About Us